Personal Impressions: Greg Holden Shares His Ten Favorite Songs At The Moment

Seems like just yesterday Greg Holden made his return to music after nearly three years with his song On The Run. Luckily, for fans that can’t get enough of Holden and his even newer single The Power Shift, you’ll be able to catch him live on September 23rd at Irving Plaza in NYC supporting Butch Walker. You can purchase your tickets for the show here.

We collaborated with Greg for the first Personal Impressions guest playlist! Listen along to the playlist below and read his commentary on why he chose these ten great tracks.

  1. “Love It If We Made It” – The 1975

The lyrics are fucking real and brutal. I love this band for that reason. Every song is almost like improv poetry, thrown on top of a killer band.

  1. “Don’t Do Drugs” – August Rigo

I met August in Sydney last year while on a writing camp for some Australian artists. He’s a very talented producer, but at the end of the trip he showed me his new single that was about to come out and that was it, and I was hooked. Again, brutally honest song that totally floored me.

  1. “Hollow” – Belle Mt

I met Matt earlier this year because we were due to work together. Before our session I looked up his music and this was the first song I heard. I was bowled over. We’ve since become good friends. A great band, and with great things in front of them.

  1. “Under The Pressure” – The War On Drugs

The ultimate driving song. Vibes for days. 

  1. “Ludlow Expectations” – Butch Walker

This is probably my favourite Butch Walker song. The chorus just knocks me over every time. I’m hoping he lets me play this with him on tour. 

  1. “Tyson vs. Douglas” – The Killers

I love the lyric in this song. Brandon Flowers always has the ability to pull you right into his songs. It doesn’t hurt that it’s catchy as hell either.

  1. “Call Your Girlfriend” – Robyn

It’s been a while since this song came out now, but it still kills me. 

  1.  “An Wunder” – Wincent Weiss

I know this song is in German, and honestly I have no idea what this song is about. But it was on the radio constantly when I was on tour in Germany this summer and it still won’t get out of my head. So you’re welcome, here’s an earworm for you.

  1. “No Distraction” – Beck

One of my favourite albums from last year. Every song is killer, but this one always stands out to me.

  1. “Fear and Trembling” – Every Time I Die

This one is so I will always remember my roots.

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