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New Impressions: EXNATIONS Set to Release Debut EP “Tiny Sound In The Dark” August 24th

EXNATIONS bring a fluid and  dreamy, indie Pop/Rock record with Tiny Sound In The Dark. The Brooklyn based trio will be releasing their debut EP on August 24th.

Can’t Get Hurt is the standout track on the record.  While the vocals are not something to write home about, the band has written some insanely addicting dreamy pop medleys. The simple almost spoken vocals, bring a quirky element.

Celebration / Sign has a longing quality to it. The slow and steady intro has a hazy quality that fills your mind with thoughts of nostalgia and wonder. The layering of the vocals and strategic drum hits make it an anthemic tune full of light. Wore All Black continues the synth pop vibes with a sweet love tune. “Every time I see you my heart jumps just a little bit” is a fairly repetitive chorus without much direction, but it works for the song and is guaranteed to be fun sing along for their live set.

EXNATIONS are simply making feel-good music. The EP features excellent production and a sense of cohesiveness that elevates it beyond the DIY level. It is a promising debut from a band that managed to put this record together despite not all being located in the same city. This EP will certainly be a gamechanger for EXNATIONS

We added Can’t Get Hurt to our New Impressions Playlist on Spotify!! Take a listen below and discover and some other new tunes from our current favorites.


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