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A Very Biased Take On Why The Maine Is The Best Band On Warped Tour

I’m sure we can all collectively agree that The Maine is one of the best self-sustaining bands in the music industry. They may not be top sellers or selling out arena tours, but their dedication to maintaining a loyal fan-base through transparency, respect, and accessibility has proven to be a recipe for success for several years now. They’re currently rocking the main stage on the final full cross country run of the Vans Warped Tour, rightfully so. They have been capturing hearts in and out of the alternative scene since their formation in 2007.

Their wholesome take on not charging for meet and greets is just one of their many special attributes. In a sea of paid meet and greets and cheap signings on the tour, The Maine have continuously worked for the fans and choose to give back to them any way they know how. Consistent positive responses to their new music can be due in part to their loyalty to fans. The mutual relationship of trust and reciprocity allows The Maine to grow musically and constantly redefine themselves without losing the true essence of The Maine and 8123.

Although many acts on the famed traveling festival show true appreciation to their fans through on-stage thank yous and call-outs on social media, it is very easy for that to feel disingenuous and get lost among the shuffle. At the Holmdel date of Warped Tour, the band stopped their set and asked everyone to take a few steps back. There was a fan in the crowd in distress and the band took a moment to check on everyone to make sure their okay. Of course, any human being with half a soul would have stopped their set in this instance, small moments like these are more valuable from a band like The Maine that doesn’t just pretend to care when there are many watchful eyes on them.

Their latest musical endeavor Less Noise: A Collection of Songs By a Band Called The Maine is available now on all major platforms. If that isn’t enough of The Maine for you, maybe you can consider flying out to Arizona in January of 2019 for 8123 Fest, a truly immersive fan centered experience.  More details at

In the meantime, enjoy a full photo gallery of their set from the Vans Warped Tour. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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