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Summer Festival Proof Makeup Tips

Makeup lovers and circle pit lovers alike, I’ve gathered you here today to hopefully – somewhat gift you the best tips to keep your highlight poppin and your contour sharp, while still crowd surfing during your favorite songs. Now, over are the days (hopefully) of shaming people who wear makeup to shows/warped etc. Over are the days of shaming anyone who doesn’t JUST wear a band shirt and jeans. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you can’t keep your face beat – so these are my tips and favorite products to keep your face Warped Tour proof.


Personally I love a good silicone based primer to 1. Fill in my pores and smooth out my skin and 2.To have a good tacky base for your foundation to stick to. Urban decay Optical Illusion Primer is a favorite of mine, or if you’re ballin’ on a budget like I am most of the time, e.l.f pore filling primer is 10/10 too.]


When choosing your base you want something with a good amount of SPF in it because you don’t really want to put something greasy under or on top of your base. Kat Von D Lock It foundation it works with all skin types. A lot of things have been swirling with KVD so if she isn’t your cup of tea, M.A.C also has pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation which WILL NOT move no matter what you do. Last but not least L’Oreal pro matte infallible is the BEST drugstore foundation, it’s usually my go-to for shows.


Set EVERYTHING! Your under eyes, your eye primer, your WHOLE face AND your eyebrows. *Especially if you use pomade for your eyebrows.* Setting with a powder AND gel is what I recommend for shows. (Nyx Control Freak Brow gel).

Powder will save your LIFE. As a brown girl I use Black Radiance True Complexion banana powder for my face. If you aren’t brown I recommend Coty Airspun, it’s cheap and it smells like grandmas.


I truly cannot stress enough how important setting spray is – it’s one of the few makeup items I will actually splurge on because I use a good amount and I want the best product. *Hack : Spray yoursetting spray and then apply your highlighter, you’ll never do it without setting spray again. Urban Decay Oil Slick and the Pollution spray are by far the best, the Oil Slick is very good if you’re oil and for sweat if you’re in the pit. For my bargain shoppers, which I am most of the time the NYX matte setting spray is EXCELLENT. Now I know a lot of MUA’s or like people who work at makeup stores will probably CRINGE at this but for just ya know and extra layer of security especially if it’s extra hot I’ll do a few sprays of Aussie Hairspray. This just really makes my eyeliner wings stay in place and also the tails of my brows.


Now I used to be liquid lips ALL THE WAY which I still back – But lip gloss has been my saving grace and favorite thing this summer. I know what you’re thinking “Kenzie, I’m NOT dealing with that sticky crap sticking to MY hair, other peoples hair, dust – NOPE!.”

I get it…but hear me out! I’ve found the holy grail of lip glosses that don’t get sticky, I KNOW…INSANE! NYX Duo Chromatic lip glosses they’re : pretty, moisturizing, not sticky and they reflect other colors so they’ll always look good in pictures. NYX lip lingerie is also a good and has the same properties.

Some people still want a nice liquid lip, I recommend the Wet n Wild catsuit lipsticks. The catsuit brand is honestly one of the best liquid lips on the planet right now but get overlook because they’re made by wet n wild, but Wet n Wild are coming for everyone necks!

So friends, whether you like to crowd surf or pack on highlighter so even the people standing side stage will see you…or BOTH please take my tips and tricks, go forth and wreck the pit without wrecking your face. Be safe! Stay Hydrated! Stay Beat!


  • Urban Decay eye primer ($12-$20)
  • Urban Decay optical Illusion Primer ($15-$30)
  • E.l.f pore filling primer ($6)
  • M.A.C waterproof foundation ($34)
  • KVD lock it foundation ($35)
  • L’ oreal infallinle pro matter foundation ($12)
  • Coty Airspun ($7)
  • Black Radiance loose setting powder ($8)
  • ABH brow pomade ($21)
  • NYX brow powder ($6)
  • NYX control freak brow gel ($6)
  • Urban Decay De-slick/ Pollution Protection setting spray ($15-$34)
  • NYX matte setting spray ($8)
  • NYX chromatic gloss ($8)
  • NYX lip lingerie clear gloss ($7)
  • Wet n Wild catsuit liquid lipstick ($5)
Post by Mckenzie Holivay

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