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Nina Nesbitt Dazzles the Crowd at a Sold Out New York City Show

Scottish singer, Nina Nesbitt, has been opening the show for Jesse McCartney on his national Better With You tour. Despite being the opener, she captivated the crowd and commanded the 1,200 cap room. Undoubtedly, there were people at the show who had never heard of the soulful Pop singer, but they were all very engaged. The Taylor Swift cover toward the end of her set was a true standout moment.

The simplicity of her setup was an ideal platform to showcase her talents. The songs were tied to stories and life experiences, adding a sense of personality and intimacy to the set. Through each note and every quirky statement, you got a sense of who Nina is as an artist.

So who is Nina Nesbitt after all?  She had her first Top 40 single in 2013 with Stay Out and she hasn’t stopped since. Take a listen to her music, especially her newest single Somebody Special. Learn more at

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