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New Impressions: Birdgangs

Searching for some straight-forward Boston based Rock and Roll? You’re in luck! Birdgangs have released a funky, nostalgia inducing debut EP. Maximum Suction is a telling six track EP laced with wit and honest stories from the band’s lyricist, Jack Davis.

The album flows effortlessly, so effortlessly it’s almost difficult to tell when a one song has ended and another has begun. Even though this may seem repetitive on the record of an established band, for a relatively young band like Birdgangs, it works in their favor. The garage-rock attitude shines through as it feels casual and cool.

Although seemingly unsure of what they’re doing, Birdgangs is on the right track. Destined to be local heroes and garage-rock greatness if they keep pushing forward with simple and honest music. Any EP that makes you feel like you’re jamming out with friends in the basement of a house show is a winner. Listen for youself! Stream the full record on Spotify here.

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