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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Rex Orange County’s Who Cares Tour At The Armory

Photos & Words By Stephanie Nardi

Rex Orange County lit up The Armory last Thursday night on his Who Cares Tour with his enthusiastic energy and impressive set production. With no opener, all eyes were on Alex O’Connor and he did not disappoint. He could hardly stand still, running and bouncing back and forth across the stage; it was a wonder how he kept his voice sounding exactly as it does on the record. Throughout the set, he alternated between playing the piano and his guitar allowing those changes in instruments to guide the energy levels of the set.

Bright blues, pinks, and oranges drenched the stage with color while his trademark thumbs up in various states of emotions lit up in time to each melody under the neon frame of a sign boasting “Who Cares?”. These details became the backdrop for his music and allowed the effervescent nature of his songs to be visually translated and elevated  the experience as a whole. 

This show drew a younger crowd and with that came an unprecedented energy level. The crowd didn’t just bob back and forth in time with the music, they went all out; loosing all inhibitions and getting lost in the music. Their love for his music ran deep and they made sure he knew it with every lyric they screamed. 

This show brought joy and put a smile on everyone’s face that was in attendance, so don’t miss your chance to experience it for yourself!

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