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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jordy Searcy Hits The Entry in Minneapolis

Photos and Words By Stephanie Nardi

You know those shows that just make time stop? The ones where they make you forget about everything else you have going on; all your responsibilities, all your worries, they just fade into the background? Yeah? Well that’s exactly the kind of show Jordy Searcy put on this past Tuesday at The Entry in Minneapolis. He brought a warm glow into the venue that drew you in; making it impossible to be anything but present in the moment. 

Palmertrees, otherwise known as Palmer Hubbell, opened for Searcy and was a welcome surprise. This 19 year old, sophomore from Lipscomb University in Nashville, immediately captured the attention of the audience with the easy way he carried himself and his carefree attitude. His smooth vocals and catchy melodies filled the venue and had the crowd swaying along to the beat in no time. It was the perfect way to start off the night. 

After Palmertrees, Searcy opened his set with one of his most popular songs “Love and War in Your Twenties”, starting things off on a high note. With closed eyes, he got lost in his music; feeling every inch of the song he was playing. Throughout his set he seamlessly transitioned from more quiet intimate moments at the mic, to ripping on his guitar as he moved around the stage, and his agility as a vocalist matched this energy. Deftly transforming from something warm and smooth during “friendship?” to gritty and earnest during the chorus of “Better”, it showed his range as an artist. 

Midway through his set, he joined the crowd at the back of the venue and played a few songs unplugged; one of which was “Explaining Jesus”. In that instance, it felt as though the venue had become a church of sorts as the crowd softly sang the words along with him. It was one of those moments that gave you chills to hear. The authenticity and vulnerability he was willing to show created the space for the crowd to open up and do the same; something that became a consistent thread throughout the entirety of the show. He interacted with and spoke to the crowd as if he was playing a show in his hometown and he knew everyone there. He blurred that line between artist and fan and it made for a beautiful night of live music. There were no pretenses, he was simply there to play music he loved to people across the country who loved it just as much as he did. If he’s making a stop in your town on this tour, this is one you won’t want to miss.

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