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New Impressions: Billie Eilish, Johnny 2 Phones, again&again, Chloe Moriondo, and more

Billie Eilish delivered a fun and simple music video for her newest single “therefore i am“. The video has amassed over 11.9M views on YouTube in the past 24 hours and is #1 on trending on the site. Follow Eilish around a deserted shopping mall and bop along to her signature gritty pop sound.

Johnny 2 Phones is building an organic following the best way any independent artist can do nowadays, appealing directly to fans via socials. If his heartwarming Tik Tok featuring his dad listening to his newest single “Rescue” hasn’t appeared on your for you page, then you might be missing out on one of the most promising up and coming artists. The single dives into vulnerable and poetic lyricism that flows through a contemporary hip-hop beat with subtle pop intricacies. Hop on the Johnny 2 Phones train early. Listen to “Rescue” on our New Impressions playlist.

again&again is another collaborative effort that is bringing fresh sounds to indie pop. The group is an international collaborative effort from Atwood, Colliding with Mars, Garrett., Ryce, planet girl, juicebox caviar, Bluknight, and Wet Day Timetable. Their newest track “options” is a certified earworm. Impressively thoughtful and exuberant it’s hard to believe that the members of this collective are scattered around the world. The geography of again&again is just a touch point on the major story coming to life here. We’ll file them as underrated for now, but not for long.

Chloe Moriondo is giving fans another special single with a tinge of early 2000s pop influence. Her carefree and honest lyrics have made each of her songs a beltworthy anthem that can make anyone blow off some steam. Simplicity and authenticity have propelled Chloe Moriondo to her current status and “Girl On TV” embodies that and so much more.

Other additions to the playlist this week include new singles from Pale Waves, valentina cy, Liza Owen, and Benee. Stream our playlist here.

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