Review: VALLEY Drop Highly Anticipated ‘sucks to see you doing better’ EP

VALLEY have consistently been using their shimmery pop tunes to bring a refreshingly honest perspective to depression and anxiety. Their 2019 full length release MAYBE was a hit that introduced them to a ton of new listeners. With such an organic buzz growing around the band has achieved the incredible milestone of 1.1M+ monthly listeners on Spotify.

sucks to see you doing better features an ironic title and two previously released singles “hiccup” and “nevermind”. The EP features three unreleased tracks. “homebody” stands out and really shines a light on the bands vulnerability of the band. The lyrics ring true to everything we’ve been feeling throughout the pandemic. “I think I’ll just surrender to my bed/because I need a night in my head” really hits when it feels easier to just be alone and spiral in your own rather than force yourself to interact. The bridge of “homebody” takes on a lush vibe that brings a lighter feeling to the heavier lyrics. That’s part of the enchanting nature of VALLEY’s music. Taking the most difficult topics and turning them into songs that can fit into your everyday as the soundtrack for casual moments or really special moments with friends.

“Be The One” picks everything back up. The use of layered vocals from Rob and Karah add a special touch to every single track, but especially on “Be The One”. The EP closes out with an acoustic version of “hiccup”. It’s the perfect closer for the EP and effortlessly conveys their versatility as a band. Despite being an acoustic version, it’s not traditional in the sense of just being a guitar, vocal, and cajon production. It’s still a thoughtfully produced acoustic version that simply strips back the song without holding back on VALLEY’s key elements.

sucks to see you doing better is going to be the EP that gets us through this winter. Hop on the VALLEY hype train before they take over beyond North America in 2021. The band already has a post-pandemic tour slated with Lovelytheband, but in the meantime we’ll keep revisiting their discography while we wait patiently for touring to come back safely.

Listen to “homebody” on our New Impressions playlist this week! Follow VALLEY: Twitter, Instagram, Spotify

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