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Exclusive Photos: Finneas Brings His Sold Out Tour to Warsaw in Brooklyn

Finneas is a man of many talents. If he had an official resume it would include songwriter, producer, singer, and even dancer. Luckily, you don’t need a resume when your fall headlining tour is comprised of entirely sold out dates across the country. Earlier this month the multi-talented artist released his Blood Harmony EP, most of which made it onto his setlist for the tour.

Lauren Sanderson hyped the crowd up before Finneas’ set. Her fans were passionately singing and dancing along, several toting their matching bandanas. Lauren ruled the stage with her unique blend of pop/hip-hop/R&B. She is the epitome of independent artistry and was the perfect set up for a night of great music from immensely talented artists.

He opened the show sat at his white piano as he instantly kicked into”I Lost A Friend”. Throughout the set Finneas bounced back and forth between his piano, guitar, and his dance breaks. The eager fans were singing along to every single word, including a group of fans front row that made the trip from Canada for the show. Despite the high quality production and arena level performance from Finneas, it still felt like a glimpse into his soul. His songwriting is honest and he effortlessly engages with the crowd in between songs to fully display his down-to-earth personality.

The Blood Harmony tour has come to an end, but if you missed Finneas this time around he’ll definitely be back soon in bigger venues more than likely sold out again. Relive the entire night with the photos below. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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