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New Impressions: Maisie Peters Sells Out Mercury Lounge on Her First U.S. Headliner

Maisie Peters is everything you want to see in a performer. Her creativity radiates through while her personality and quirks make her down-to-earth and relatable for her teenage fans. The dedicated fans in the crowd were singing along, screaming with joy in between songs, and holding up homemade signs for their “emo pop queen”, as they kindly called her.

Maisie Peters’ songwriting has all of the bite of a well-written punk record with a soft and sweet and delicate vocal range that leads to impeccable delivery. Her songs dive into real experiences in a story-like way that have a way of making you feel understood, seen, and empowered. The first date of her U.S. headlining tour was a sold out show in NYC. Most local artists work years to get this point and reaching that accomplishment as an international artist makes it that much more special.

Throughout her set she bounced back and forth between full band songs and stripping it back to just her and an acoustic guitar. She’s a true multifaceted performer. One particularly notable moment in the evening was when she picked up her guitar and the lights dimmed real low. She stepped back from the mic and performed an unreleased song. It felt as if all 250 people in attendance were holding their breath. Her vocals are truly unmatched and she maintains stunning control as she flows between notes. That song in the set was a one of kind performance and I’m sure everyone in the crowd will be thinking about it until its release date.

After watching her perform and engage with her fans, it’s not surprising that she has millions of stream across multiple platforms, the support of people like Sam Smith and Lewis Capaldi, and sold out the NYC date of her very first U.S. tour. It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral was released just last week and easily one of the top releases of the year from an emerging artist. Listen to Take Care of Yourself on our New Impressions playlist.

View photos from the set and some exclusive photos of Maisie backstage before the show. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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