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New Impressions: The Regrettes, Boy In Space, Walkney, and more

The Regrettes are back with a sweet new record titled How Do You Love? Everyone’s favorite LA based punk band released a daring and exciting new record. As a sophomore record they couldn’t have possibly done any better for themselves. How Do You Love? is the perfect embodiment of The Regrettes as artists as they tackle honest topics tangled with the complexities of human emotion. Listen to our favorite track on the album Has It Hit You? on our New Impressions playlist.

Boy In Space may be one of the most exciting up and coming artists we have been introduced to recently. His previous single 7UP was a solid introduction to the electro-pop sound, but Cold is a solidification of that love for the music. Stay tuned for a new feature with Boy In Space coming to Impressions soon.

Walkney is heading out for a string of summer tour dates, but before that he has released his newest single Say. The new era of Walkney seems to be the latest and greatest as he dives into new music and explores the true grittiness of his sound.

Juice are back with their latest single Peace of Mind. The seven piece band is currently wrapping up their What’s Ur Genre Tour before gearing up for the release of their next EP, you are simply magnificent. The new EP will feature a fresh set of songs that are just as creative and innovative as their last EP. “’Peace of Mind’ is a ballad born of insecurity. Its upbeat, quasi-dreamlike quality is representative of our narrators’ resistance to accept, and desire to reconnect. Time drew the pen nearer to the paper. Dreams betray. Love takes tolls; but it’s worth living for.”- Juice

Listen to Peace of Mind on our New Impressions playlist. Learn more about Juice from our interview with them back in May. Read the full article here.

Listen to new music from Christian French, Joywave, halfalive and more on our playlist. Make sure you hit save and take it on the go with you!

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