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Exclusive Photos: Lovelytheband, Finding It Hard to Smile Tour

Lovelytheband‘s Finding It Hard to Smile Tour hit Cleveland last week. I don’t know if it was the fans but the atmosphere before anyone went on at the House of Blues was nice, comforting even. Jagwar Twin came on and the sense of acceptance was rampant not only through the band, but it translated into the crowd as well. Not a single body was still – fan or not and that is something special to be able to do.  

Flora Cash brought a futuristic element that was something that reminded me aesthetically of Daft Punk. The silver mannequins and outfits to match was something completely unique to them but whole heartedly matched their music and message. The chemistry between Shpresa and Cole was raws but also almost tangible, something consumable that made you not able to look away – almost hypnotizing. 

The sense of overall calm, togetherness and tangible happiness really hit its peak when LovelyTheBand took the stage. Every word was sung right back to Mitchy, not a beat was missed. Anyone who left this show left feeling this overwhelming feeling of happiness and genuine peace – it was like a thick fog in the air. You couldn’t leave the show unaffected. 

View photos from the night below. All photos by Mckenzie Holivay.

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