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Review: Super American’s “Tequila Sunrise” Ends The Summer On A High Note

Indie Rock duo, Super American, are about to release Tequila Sunrise on September 14th via Take This To Heart Records. This album might be the catalyst that propels the band to a new level. Their lighthearted melodies blended with emotional lyrics has created a perfectly crafted album that highlights the versatility of this band. Every song feels like a new adventure. Super American have managed to establish a core signature vibe while exploring new territories and being a little daring on this record.

Hands Down Olivia pulls you in with a groovy bass line and cleverly placed backing vocals. This groovy track is laced with pop sensibilities that make it easy to sit back and sing along. The song even brings in a small sense of nostalgia with the vocals and simple guitar riff in the chorus.

The album starts to feel like a trip through the 2000s, but in a tasteful way. Neon Lights resembles the electro-pop vibes that made Owl City and The Ready Set famous back in 2010. It is by no means the best song on the record, but still feels like it belongs.

Sleeping In Jeans is led by its cunning lyricism and backed up by simple and engaging instrumentation. “It’s easier to hate someone than to miss them so thanks for being an asshole” is an edgy lyric disguised by the songs “cutesy” nature. Casino Blonde continues the trek through clever lyricism, but guided by acoustic guitar entangled with an electric playing another simple, but addicting riff. Casino Blonde has a build throughout the pre-chorus that releases to a free flowing chorus.

Baby Blue brings back the acoustic guitar for another one of the standout tracks on the record. There are various bands that could be thrown in as a comparison piece for this song, but even with that none of them would quite touch on the magic that Super American created with this song. Hands Down Olivia does the same in a sweet and catchy love song. The vocals really shine on this track and go beyond their usual kind of quirky, spoken nature. Date (You Got Blisters) continues on the same note and contains more cleverly place backup vocals. A mesmerizing rhythm section that sets the stage for a dazzling yet emo love(?) song.

Although (sadly) not entirely an ode to tequila, each track is cleverly titled and the songs themselves are just as engaging as their titles. Super American have put together a finely crafted record that experiments with production and brings something refreshing yet nostalgic to indie rock without defaulting into pop territory.

Hands Down Olivia is featured on our New Impressions playlist on Spotify. Listen here.


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